OPINION: Voting for a constitutional convention would invite chaos and Outside-funded shenanigans

By ADN: Snow flies in front of the Alaska State Capitol on Friday, March 11, 2022 in Juneau. (James Brooks / ADN)

By Paul Jenkins

There are, in hard numbers, 632 very good reasons — give or take a couple — to vote no, yet, uh-uh on the decennial question appearing on November’s ballot asking whether Alaska should convene a state constitutional convention.

No need to detail each reason here. I am a journalist. If you cannot trust me …

I spent some time recently going over those reasons, trying to persuade some friends that voting yes Nov. 8 on Ballot Measure 1 would be bad, bad, bad. It could open everything in the state constitution to radical change by gaggles of self-interested opportunists, and doing that in these politically toxic, agenda-driven times, I argued, would be akin to inviting a busload of starving wolverines to a cheeseburger party at McDonald’s. It would be, at best, short-sighted — and decidedly messy.

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