OPINION: Vote no on a constitutional convention to protect Alaskan values

Via Anchorage Daily News: People fill out their ballots for the special U.S. House primary election at the Alaska Division of Elections in Anchorage on Saturday, June 11, 2022. (Emily Mesner / ADN)

By Mara Kimmel

A constitution is a statement of values. As a political document, it expresses the identity and guiding principles of the state or nation that created it. In our case, the Alaska Constitution reflects the uniqueness of our place and our people. It speaks both of rights and of duties. It specifies a right to privacy, protects us no matter where we come from, who we love and how we worship. It requires that our lands and waters be managed for our collective good, and ensures that as Alaskans, we maintain control over decisions that affect our lives and our futures.

This November, we will be asked a question that has been asked of us every 10 years — should we hold a constitutional convention? If we say yes, we begin a process that could eliminate rights we consider inalienable or modify legal structures that form the basis of economic investment and development. That perilous course poses grave dangers to our core Alaskan values.

That is why every time this question has appeared on the ballot, Alaskans have voted no. This time around, we’re urging you to do the same thing.

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