“We disagree on many issues. But we… urge Alaskans to vote against Proposition 1.”

Former Democratic state Rep. Beth Kerttula holds up a sign reading “Vote No Con Con,” during a recent rally at the Dimond Courthouse Plaza in Juneau. Ben Hohenstatt / Juneau Empire File)

By Benjamin Brown

On Nov. 8, Alaskans will vote on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention. We are two Juneauites: a strong liberal and a strong conservative. We disagree on many issues. But we are friends, and join together to urge Alaskans to vote against Proposition 1, which calls for a constitutional convention.

Constitutions are meant to provide a framework for government, guarantee fundamental rights, and outline government power. They set out our political rules of engagement — how we govern ourselves and resolve our disagreements. A good constitution works for the ages. It is specific

on rules of the road—establishing the executive and legislative branches, their numbers, and terms, etc. They are also vague enough to adapt to the times. We know what is set in stone and cannot be disputed and what is subject to disagreement and political or judicial resolution.

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