United Fishermen of Alaska Announce Opposition to Ballot Measure 1

“A Constitutional Convention would be dangerous for commercial fisheries as well as the state in general.”

For Immediate Release

October 26, 2022 (ANCHORAGE, Alaska)Defend Our Constitution today welcomed the United Fishermen of Alaska’s (UFA) declared opposition to Ballot Measure 1. The UFA Board of Directors voted to oppose a Constitutional Convention during its Fall 2022 meeting earlier this month, voicing concerns that include “potential changes to or abolishment of the limited entry fisheries amendment and an overhaul of the regulatory framework that governs fisheries.”

“The risk that Article VIII Section 4, which is the sustained yield provision for managing natural resources in the state, could be significantly altered or repealed is not a risk that we are willing to take,” – UFA President Matt Alward

“A constitutional convention would be dangerous for commercial fisheries as well as the state in general. Not only is there a clear and present danger to the future of our fisheries, but the years of statutory and regulatory uncertainty would hinder economic growth and investment in our industry,” said UFA Executive Director, Tracy Welch.

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UFA is a statewide organization representing 36 commercial fishing associations and hundreds of independent commercial fishermen from fisheries throughout the state and its offshore federal waters. They join a number of fisheries-focused groups and organizations opposing the Constitutional Convention ballot question, including: Alaska Longline Fisherman’s Association, Southeast Alaska Seiners (SEAS), United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters, Alaska Trollers Association, Kodiak Chamber of Commerce.