Defend Our Constitution Launches First TV Ad: ‘Just Too Risky’

For Immediate Release

October 3, 2022 (ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Defend Our Constitution – a bipartisan coalition formed to oppose the November 2022 ballot question on a Constitutional Convention – this week released its first television ad, “Just Too Risky.”

The ad features Bill Sims, a 20-plus-year heavy equipment operator and member of International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 302, who highlights some of the many risks associated with opening Alaska’s entire constitution to change through the Convention process.

Watch ‘Just Too Risky’ here.


“In November, we’ll vote on whether to hold a risky constitutional convention.

“A convention opens Alaska’s entire constitution for unlimited change, hunting and fishing, privacy rights, guns, access to public lands, we can lose big.

“No single issue is worth opening this Pandora’s box.

“A convention is just too risky.

“This November, vote no on ballot measure one.”