Press Release: Defend Our Constitution Announces Statewide Coalition Opposing 2022 Constitutional Convention Question

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Bipartisan Coalition Features More Than 150 Alaskans from Diverse Geographic and Political Backgrounds

For Immediate Release

April 7, 2022 (ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Today, Defend Our Constitution ­– a group formed to oppose the November 2022 constitutional convention ballot question – announced ­a growing, bipartisan coalition featuring more than 150 Alaskans from diverse political and geographic backgrounds.

“This growing coalition represents Alaskans from all walks of life. We are your neighbors, small business owners, advocates, and leaders from across the political and geographic spectrum,” said the Defend Our Constitution Co-Chairs. “Our coalition looked past our policy and political differences to come together around a single issue–– the belief that a Constitutional Convention is not the answer to Alaska’s many challenges. In the months ahead, we look forward to engaging Alaskans to make the very serious case as to why a Constitutional Convention is unnecessary, expensive, and dangerous to our state, our people, our business community, and to future generations. We are proud of the overwhelming response and engagement we’ve received from Alaskans who understand the inherent risk, instability, and unintended consequences created by opening Alaska’s Constitution to fundamental rewrite. Alaskans have rejected the call for a Constitutional Convention at each opportunity, and we strongly encourage Alaskans to do so again. Simply put, the risk of Constitutional Convention outweighs the reward.”

Defend Our Constitution Coalition Members include:

Alex Baker

Alex Jorgensen

Alyce Hanley

Barbara Hood

Ben Kellie

Beth Kerttula

Bill Corbus

Bill Gordon

Bob Loeffler

Bob Waldrop

Brenda Knapp

Brian Rogers

Bronson Frye

Bruce Botelho

Bruce Campbell

Bryce Edgmon

Bud Carpeneti

Calvin Schrage

Cathy Giessel

Charles Ward

Chuck Gray

Cindy Spanyers

Clark Milne

Cliff Groh

Dave Hunsaker

David Gottstein

David Landry

Dawn Bundick

Debra Reed

Dennis Egan

Dennis J Knebel Jr

Dick Mylius

Donna Goldsmith

Donna Phillips

Doug Isaacson

Dr. Mary Wegner

Edric Carrillo

Elfrida H Nord

Elyse Guttenberg

Fran Ulmer

Gail Schubert

Gene Therriault

Gene White

Geron Bruce

Gordon Harrison

Harry Crawford

Ian Laing

Ira Perman

Jackson Blackwell

Jake Metcalfe

Jan Carolyn Hardy

Jane Angvik

Jane Erickson

Jason Custer

Jeff Cook

Jeff Gnass

Jennifer Johnston

Jenny-Marie Stryker

Jerry Nankervis

Jesse Kiehl

Jim Ayers

Jim Clark

Jim Colver

Jim Lottsfeldt

Joe Geldhof

Joe Paskvan

Joe Usibelli Sr

Joelle Hall

Joey Merrick

John Coghill

John Shively

John Walsh

John-Henry Heckendorn

Jonathon Taylor

JP Tangen

Karen Clautice

Karen Crane

Karen Perdue

Kate Lamal

Kate Troll

Katherine Jernstrom

Ken Koelsch

Kevin McCoy

Larry Cotter

Larry Persily

Laurie Herman

Leslie Ridle

Liam Carnahan

Libby Bakalar

Linda Behnken

Linda Kruger

Lisa Parker

Loren Jones

Luke Hopkins

Margaret Pohjola

Mark Hamilton

Mark Richards

Marna Sanford

Marsha Burns

Martin Pigg

Mary and Dick Bishop

Mary Geddes

Mary Watson

Matt Peterson

Matthew Moser

Matthew Shuckerow

Meg Simonian

Megan Geraghty Drake

Miguel Rohrbacher

Mike Heatwole

Mike Hostina

Mike Satre

Mike Szymanski

Nadine Lefebvre

Nancy DeCherney

Nicky Eiseman

Niesje Steinkruger

Nora Morse

Pat Redmond

Patrick Fitzgerald

Paul Dillon

Peg Tileston

Peggy Schumaker

Penny Gage

Reber Stein

Reid Magdanz

Rich Curtner

Richard Caulfield

Rick Schikora

Robin Smith

Rose O’Hara-Jolley

Ryan Andrew

Ryan Schryver

Sally Smith

Sandra Thompson Wallace

Scott Kendall

Shirley Liss

Steve Lindbeck

Susan Reilly

Suzanne LaFrance

Tom Boutin

Tom Bundtzen

Tom Lamal

Veri di Suvero

Victor Fischer

Wayne Howell

Wayne Jensen

Willie Anderson

Win Gruening

Zack Fields

Defend Our Constitution is a coalition of Alaskans united in opposition to the November 2022 general election question: “Shall there be a constitutional convention.” The group was formed in December 2021 as a ballot measure group opposing the ballot question. Campaign Co-Chairs include: Cathy Giessel of Anchorage, John Coghill of Fairbanks, Bruce Botelho of Juneau, Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham, Gail Schubert of the Bering Straits region, Joelle Hall of Anchorage, Bill Corbus of Juneau, and Luke Hopkins of Fairbanks.