Social Conservatives cite uncertainty, political discord as reasons to vote against a constitutional convention

via Alaska Public Media:

Some anti-abortion advocates in Alaska see a rare confluence of opportunities coming up this year. 

With the Supreme Court on the brink of overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion opponents are energized by the prospect that states could soon be free to restrict or even ban abortion.

Meanwhile, in November, Alaska voters will face a ballot question they see once a decade: Should we hold a constitutional convention?

Even some abortion opponents think a convention is a bad idea. But Christian conservative leader Jim Minnery, president of the Alaska Family Council, wants Alaskans to vote yes, in part to stop the state Supreme Court from blocking limits on abortion.

Former Republican State Senator John Coghill said he feels the frustration of other abortion opponents. He knows how hard it is to get a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. He tried. But he doesn’t think the “pro-life” side can win at a constitutional convention, either.

“I just don’t think the army is there that they feel is there,” he said.

Worse, he said, a constitutional convention puts the entire legal framework of the state in jeopardy. There’s no way to keep the focus limited to abortion and a few other changes Christian conservatives want, he said.

“Pretty soon coming out of the woodwork is going to be 100 other priorities, pressing in,” Coghill said. “There will probably be dark money coming from other places. The environmental community, internationally, would love to see an opportunity to change the way Alaska views its land and land management.”

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