Alaska should not have a constitutional convention


By Joe Paskvan

A constitutional convention is not needed (Alaska’s Constitution works!) and it would open too many doors to unsound thinking, that which is less statesmanship and more extremist.

Those advancing a convention have not made explicitly clear their goals- what would be removedfrom or added to Alaska’s Constitution and the “why” arguments for each. This lack of candor withvoters by convention advocates troubles me.

Alaska’s Constitution currently provides protections to each Alaskan such as their “equal rights, opportunities and protection under the law” (Art.1 sec.1), civil rights (Art.1 sec3), freedom of religion(Art.1 sec.4), freedom of speech (Art.1 sec.5), right to keep and bear arms (Art.1 sec.19), and right of privacy (Art.1 sec.22). A vote for a convention puts all rights and each right at risk of permanent removal or significant deformity. Don’t take the risk … vote “no.”

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