Opposition to Ballot Measure 1 Grows in Alaska Business Community

Lynden Companies and Fairbanks Chamber Share Formal Opposition to Constitutional Convention

For Immediate Release

October 6, 2022 (ANCHORAGE, Alaska) – Opposition to Ballot Measure 1 continues to grow with additional Alaska businesses and organizations voicing concerns around the uncertainty a Constitutional Convention would bring to Alaska’s economy. This week, Defend Our Constitution welcomes statements in opposition to a Constitutional Convention from the family of Lynden companies and the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.
“Alaska’s constitution is one of the few remaining sources of stability during these uncertain and controversial times. Why would Alaskans want to risk destroying this important foundation of our economy and our personnel footing?  The years of economic and regulatory uncertainty created by a constitutional convention would discourage investment in our state, and be a nightmare for our people. It’s the last thing we need,” said Jim Jansen, CEO Lynden Inc.
“While we appreciate the sentiment surrounding a lack of progress on major policy decisions in Juneau in recent years, we believe reopening Alaska’s constitution is an unnecessary action that will lead to unintended consequences,” said Jennifer Thompson, Fairbanks Chamber’s board chair. “We encourage Alaskans to vote no on Ballot Measure 1.”
The Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce – which formally opposed Ballot Measure 1 earlier this year, encouraged its membership this week to “Vote No” on a Constitutional Convention (click here to read more).

Opposition to a constitutional convention continues to grow, with organizations like the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce voicing their opposition this week.

The Lynden family of companies, which provides transportation and logistics solutions in Alaska, Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and around the world, includes: Lynden, Inc, Lynden Transport, Lynden Logistics, Lynden Air Cargo, Alaska West Express, Alaska Marine Lines, Alaska Marine Trucking, Bering Marine Corp, and Knik Construction.

Defend Our Constitution is a bipartisan coalition formed to oppose the November 2022 constitutional convention ballot question. The group recently announced a growing number of Alaska organizations who have publicly taken a position against a convention