Opinion: Constitutional convention poses great risk

By: Juneau Empire

By George Davidson, Juneau Empire

At the Nov. 8 general election, Alaska voters will vote to determine if an Alaska Constitutional Convention will be held. This question is asked of Alaskans every 10 years as required by our Constitution. Since statehood, there has been little interest in holding a convention as Alaskans have consistently voted down the measure by a substantial margin. Today circumstances are different, and there is reason to believe the voters may consider voting for a constitutional convention. Some Alaskans are frustrated. Many believe our state is heading in the wrong direction — a stymied Legislature unable to make decisions, falling employment and loss of high paying jobs, inadequate funding for education, rising crime rates, crumbling infrastructure, etc. and on top of all that several years of COVID.

​Keep in mind that a constitutional convention is not limited to any one subject. Any subject/issue can be addressed. Some suggest a constitutional convention would provide the platform to right our ship i.e. make changes that some believe will move Alaska forward. Others, like myself, feel the potential risk to Alaska’s residents by holding a constitution convention is great. Here are just a few of the issues that might be brought up.

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