Letter: Vote no on a constitutional convention


By John Farleigh

As I follow the discussion about a constitutional convention, I note that it seems to center on two areas. Most of the attention seems to center on the “right to privacy,” which I support. When asked shortly before his death from cancer what his most important accomplishment was, former State Senate President Terry Miller (R-Fairbanks) answered that it was being the prime sponsor of the right to privacy. I agree. The right to privacy has given me the right to smoke marijuana in my own home since 1975 and protected women’s right to choose.

The second area is the Permanent Fund dividend, which many want to enshrine in the constitution. This will undoubtedly require a new broad-based tax (income, sales, or both). I, like most Alaskans, support the PFD. However, putting the PFD into the constitution will tie the hands of future Legislatures by prioritizing the PFD over other state needs.

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