Letter: No constitutional convention

By Alex Baker

A constitutional convention would threaten many things I value about living in Alaska: the right to privacy, public services and access to public lands. The entire constitution would be on the table for a rewrite, essentially opening a Pandora’s box of unintended consequences that would damage our great state.

One of the most alarming things that could come out of this Pandora’s box is the existential threat to my union. A constitutional convention would open the possibility for Alaska to become a “right to work” state. “Right to work” is the name for a policy designed to take away rights from working people. For myself and many Alaskans, our union is the guarantor of our fundamental freedom to a voice on the job through collective bargaining.

The real purpose of “right to work” laws is to tilt the balance of power further away from working families. These laws make it harder for working people to form unions and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

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