Opinion: Join us in voting against a constitutional convention.

On Nov. 8, Alaskans vote on whether to authorize a constitutional convention. This vote is held every 10 years and Alaskans have repeatedly rejected a constitutional convention. We join our fellow Alaskans across the state and across party lines, and urge a no vote to the question: “Shall there be a constitutional convention?”

Voting no on a constitutional convention is vital to the well-being and stability of our state. Our State Constitution, revered as a model to others and which has been described as “well-crafted, short, and elegant,” has served Alaska well since statehood. Our constitution expressly protects our right to privacy, our right to religious freedom, our right to speak our mind, the common use of our natural resources for hunting and fishing, and other rights which protect each of us from government intrusion. It directs the State to sustainably manage our resources for future generations. It protects our permanent fund dividend.

It has been estimated that a constitutional convention could cost upwards of $17 million and would cause political and economic uncertainty. It would open up the entire constitution to debate and possible changes, throwing businesses and government into chaos as they would be unable to plan for the future.

Each of us has the privilege to vote and no matter your political leanings, your vote in the November election is more important than ever.

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