Preliminary results on the constitutional convention question shows Alaskans rejecting Ballot Measure 1 by a wide margin.

Defend Our Constitution Encouraged by Strong Election Results

Preliminary Results Show Alaskans Rejecting Ballot Measure 1

For Immediate Release

November 8, 2022 (ANCHORAGE, Alaska)

The Co-Chairs of the Defend Our Constitution campaign issued the following statement after the release of election night results showing a majority of Alaskans voting “No” on Ballot Measure.

“We are encouraged by the strong election results we are seeing this evening. Based on preliminary numbers, it appears Alaskans will once again reject the call for a Constitutional Convention – as they have consistently done since statehood,” said the Defend Our Constitution Co-Chairs. “This has truly been a nonpartisan effort; bringing together Alaskans from all walks of life to defend our constitution. What we saw over these many months was clear, when Alaskans began learning about this issue, they understood the inherent risks associated with opening up the entire Constitution to change. Instead, Alaskans have reaffirmed that changes to our Constitution should be made through the more targeted and transparent Amendment process.

“We feel extremely optimistic by the results this evening and the strong showing of support we’ve received in recent months. We appreciate the important public discourse that took place around this election, which included the participation in countless forums, debates, and public speaking engagements with Alaskans. We thank the countless individuals and organizations who stepped forward on this important issue, including business and labor, non-profits, industry and resource development organizations, hunting and fishing groups, Alaska Native Corporations, cities and Boroughs, and so many more. This level of unity from across Alaska – which transcended political party – is reassuring, especially in our current political climate.

“As we have said from the onset, this coalition looked past our policy and political differences to come together around a single issue – the belief that a Constitutional Convention is not the answer to Alaska’s many challenges. This question has never been about politics, but about doing what’s best for Alaska.”

Defend Our Constitution Campaign Co-Chairs include: Cathy Giessel of Anchorage, John Coghill of Fairbanks, Bruce Botelho of Juneau, Rep. Bryce Edgmon of Dillingham, Gail Schubert of the Bering Straits region, Joelle Hall of Anchorage, Bill Corbus of Juneau, and Luke Hopkins of Fairbanks.

As of 10:49PM, Ballot Measure 1 was behind 70.20% to 29.80%, with 280 of 402 precincts reporting.