Opinion: Constitutional convention threatens Alaskans’ privacy, reproductive health care rights

via the Anchorage Daily News:

Our state is full of people who value independence as much as we value each other. We know we are different and unique, and we come together in ways that make us all proud to be Alaskans. Part of what makes us stand out are the principles we stand by, for ourselves, our families, and our ways of life.

Many of those principles are inscribed in our state’s constitution. We made sure to memorialize a set of fundamental rights and responsibilities to protect our people. One of those rights, the right to privacy, is central to the decisions we make every day that affect our families, our healthcare, our education, and the freedoms we cherish.

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court signaled its willingness to intrude on these vital freedoms. As the nation faces the potential that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and critical privacy rights will be lost, in Alaska these rights remain intact — for now. But we can’t sit comfortably in this idea. As the leaked draft opinion reveals, constitutional rights are only promises unless we fight to defend them. These promises are not self-executing. It is our responsibility to honor those promises, and to care for each other.

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