Joelle Hall with the No on 1 campaign says approving the convention would open up Pandora’s box


By Mike Mason

The decision on whether to approve a review of Alaska’s constitution is the only ballot measure before Alaska voters this year.

Voters will decide at the ballot box whether to approve a review of the Alaska Constitution. The decision about whether to approve a constitutional convention is presented to voters every 10 years but has never been enacted. This year, both sides expect a tight vote, which is why they’ve been gearing up for a battle at the ballot box.

Those opposed to the convention are against having a complete review or rewrite of the state’s constitution, saying it would be like opening up Pandora’s box. Joelle Hall is the co-chair of the No on 1 campaign, which is asking Alaskan voters to reject a constitutional convention. Hall feels the vote has become more contentious this time around.

“I think it’s more of an issue this year because it is true, people are frustrated with how things are going,” Hall said.

Since Alaska’s constitution was adopted in 1956, it has never been subjected to a complete rewrite. Hall feels it’s safer to keep it that way. She would rather see items amended individually by voters than to have a wholesale rewrite of the state’s constitution.

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