OPINION: A constitutional convention is a risk Alaska doesn’t need.


By Rich Seifert

You may have heard about the opportunity to vote on a constitutional convention. It is one of the important things voters get to decide on the November ballot. It is a complex issue and many have weighed in already.

Over the next weeks, you will likely see many articles and letters about the pros and cons of having a constitutional convention, and I welcome them. I will attempt here to mainly concern my points to one of the crucial issues people need to consider — that is whether to support putting the Permanent Fund dividend in the constitution.

Let me clearly state up front that I am strongly against any attempt to put the PFD in the constitution. t has become a welcome benefit to us, but it is not a right, nor is it something that should take precedence over those crucial governmental duties already described in our constitution: health care, education, public safety, transportation, Fish and Game protection, and enforcement, and environmental protection.

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