About Defend Our Constitution


Defend Our Constitution was formed by a group of Alaskans representing a broad spectrum of political views. We might disagree on many issues, but we all agree that Alaska’s founding document deserves to be protected.


Defend our Constitution - Alaska's Constitution.Alaska’s Constitution works.
A constitutional convention is unnecessary, expensive, and dangerous. The risks outweigh the rewards. Every 10 years, Alaskans are asked whether a constitutional convention should be held to make changes to our founding document. Alaskans have voted ‘no’ every year, and voting ‘no’ this year is the right call.


Let's not open a Pandora's Box.Calling a constitutional convention would open a Pandora’s box.
Calling a constitutional convention would create political chaos, cost millions of dollars, and create negative consequences for Alaskans. If dark money special interest from the Lower 48 were allowed to re-write our founding document, they’d change it to benefit themselves. Our founding document has served us well for over 50 years. If it needs to be amended, there’s a way to do that – and we’ve done it before. Calling a constitutional convention is unnecessary and will create a host of problems for Alaskans for years to come.


Let's not let special interests remake our founding document.We don’t want special interests to remake Alaska’s constitution for their own gain.
Alaskans across the spectrum are committed to defending our document and keeping it in the best interests of Alaskans. In 1955, dedicated public servants came together to draft Alaska’s state constitution. The document they produced is renown for its thoroughness, protection of individual liberties, and functionality. It’s worked for the last 50 years and been held up as a model to other states, so let’s not let politicians scapegoat our constitution for their dysfunction.


Defend Our Constitution, and help protect Alaska’s founding document.